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When it comes to moving, nothing is more stressful than watching perfect strangers pack up your belongings and load them into a truck. In addition to stressing about dropped items and botched packing, some people also worry about things getting damaged along the way. Fortunately, by learning more about the packing process, you might be able to take care of business and worry less during your next move. There is a science to moving, and if you can learn the tricks of the trade, you can eliminate risk. This website will teach you everything you need to know about moving, so that you aren't left wondering about your stuff.

Downsizing From A House To An Apartment: 3 Tips For A Smoother Moving Process

Maybe your kids have finally left home or perhaps you're sick of having to take care of a lawn, but it is not uncommon for Americans to downsize from a house to an apartment, and studies have shown that there is a shortage in apartment space available. If you've made the choice to downsize from a house to an apartment, you may find that the moving process can be quite stressful. Here are 3 tips to implement for a better experience.

Book the Elevators in the Apartment by Contacting the Building Manager

Carrying large furniture up to your apartment is basically impossible without the help of elevators, as taking the stairs can lead to many safety concerns and will also require a lot of manpower. To make sure that you are able to move everything as quickly and efficiently as possible, call the building manager weeks ahead of time in order to reserve a move in date and time. Call as soon as possible as slots may fill up quickly by other tenants who are also moving in. The building manager will reserve an elevator just for your needs. In short, the elevator will only go from the ground floor to your apartment floor or to storage. 

Call the moving company to establish a time where they are to come to your home. Depending on the amount of items that you are moving and the distance between the house and the apartment, booking the elevators one to two hours after the moving company arrives will generally be sufficient for the moving company to pack everything up and arrive at the apartment on time. By booking an elevator, the moving company will be able to quickly unload and unpack all of your items. In short, less time is waste, and you pay less for labor.

Label Boxes That Are to Be Brought to the Apartment Suite and to Storage

Most apartment buildings will have storage facilities underground for you to keep any excess items and furniture that you may have brought with you. When packing all of your stuff, determine which items you simply cannot live without. Donate or sell items that you do not need. As you will have limited space in an apartment, you do not want to make the mistake of hoarding too many items, and cluttering up your space. 

Items that are used daily should be packed into boxes with labels that specify that they are to be moved to the apartment suite. Seasonal items should be labeled and marked for storage. Don't wait for the moving company to come before you pack, as you may need some time to sort through all of the things that you own. Most experts recommend that you start packing and sorting through your items at least 3 months before the move. It's not a lot of work if you do a little bit of packing each day.

Get the Dimensions of the Apartment Suite to Determine Whether the Furniture Fits

It is easy to overestimate the amount of space that you have and underestimate the amount of space that your furniture will take up. Before the move, get the blueprint and floor plan of your apartment suit, so that you can determine where all of the large furniture will need to be set up and whether or not they may fit. There is nothing more annoying than bringing along two sofas only to find that they don't fit in your new living room. 

Mark the location where you want the furniture to be placed in each room on a copy of the floor plan. Provide this information to the moving company, so that they can follow your instruction on the day of the move. This way, the professional movers will not have to ask you before setting everything down, and can get the job done quicker.


Downsizing from a house to an apartment is a lot of work, especially since you will have to get rid of a lot of items. If you are having problems packing any large items, you can set it aside for the moving company, but do remember to let them know ahead of time that you will be requiring their assistance in packing certain items. By making preparations ahead of time and learning more information, you can ensure that the moving process happens smoothly and efficiently for a more enjoyable experience.