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Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins: 3 Features You'll Want When Storing Paperwork For The IRS

As a business owner, not only are you responsible for filing your taxes correctly every year, but you are also responsible for keeping the paperwork and supporting tax records for at least 7 years. To prevent being held liable in the event that the IRS comes knocking, your best bet would be to store all of the necessary paperwork away in heavy duty plastic storage bins just in case. Heavy duty plastic storage bins will protect the paperwork from becoming damaged. In particular, you need to be concerned about water damages, damages caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays and anything that might physically compromise the records and paperwork you have. When shopping for heavy duty plastic storage bins, here are 3 features you'll want to look for.

Choose Opaque Plastic Storage Bins

Although you might be tempted to go with a translucent plastic storage bin, keep in mind that paperwork stored within translucent bins will be exposed to indoor lighting, sunlight and other elemental conditions that may affect its integrity. Over time, ultraviolet rays will cause the ink in the paperwork to fade, and the heat may cause distortion to become a real problem. These factors may cause the paperwork to become ineligible. If you are going to be needing the paperwork after 7 years, you want to make sure it will still be in good condition, especially if you are putting in the effort to store everything away.

Always choose an opaque plastic storage bin, so that this won't be a problem. An opaque bin will block sunlight and prevent it from affecting any paperwork that may be stored within. You should also take a look at whether the storage bins are waterproof and air-tight as well. 

Find Bins with Ergonomic Grips and Handles

You'd be surprised at just how heavy paperwork can be, especially when you stack them all in a storage bin. When buying heavy duty plastic storage bins, you want to put a heavy weight inside and attempt to lift the bin. Although the storage bin handles may seem ergonomic and durable when the bin is light, it's a different story when the bin becomes heavy. As the bins get heavier and heavier, your fingers may press in more deeply into the handles and may get pressed upon a sharp edge. This can be very uncomfortable over time.

Although this may not seem like a big deal initially, keep in mind that you'll be handling these storage bins regularly. Over the span of time, as you move these bins from the storage unit to your business to your car, what was suddenly merely uncomfortable may quickly become painful.

Opt for Bins with Wheels

If you know you're going to be moving the storage bins around, then you'll definitely want to look for something that has wheels at the bottom. This will make moving the storage bins a lot easier, especially if they are made from heavy duty plastic. This way, you won't have to lift the bins all the time and can roll them around from one location to the next. This may seem like a minor feature; however, it can make a huge difference over the span of time, and will reduce the chances of spraining any muscles. 

Make sure that the wheels have mini locks on them that will secure them in place. This will prevent the bins from rolling around in the back of your car. Depending on how heavy these heavy duty plastic storage bins are, they can quickly become a safety hazard.


Store all of your tax documents and supporting paperwork for your business in heavy duty plastic storage bins. Keep these storage bins in a safe place because you never know when you might need them in the future. Although it may seem unnecessary, you definitely want to shop around for the most ergonomic and secure heavy duty plastic storage bins that are available. Look for bins that exhibit the 3 features above, as they can make a huge difference in the long run.