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3 Logical Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit When Painting The Interior Of Your Home

It is normal to simply move furniture from one room to the next if you are only tackling a single space during an interior painting project, but if your project is much bigger, renting a storage unit could be an excellent idea. There are all kinds of advantages to having somewhere to stick your items while you work on changing the color scheme of a room, and some facilities even offer short-term rentals that work out really well for these situations. Take a look at some of the most logical reasons to rent a self storage unit when you are planning a major interior painting project.

Avoid damaging your furniture and belongings with paint during the painting project.

Just jostling and shuffling all your stuff around inside the house can be enough to lead to damaged things, whether it is a broken piece of glass in a picture or a knick in your wooden table. However, when painting, it is also common to get paint splatter and smudges on your furnishings, which can be hard to remove–if the paint can be removed at all without causing a bigger problem. With a rented storage unit, you can get the most valuable things in a place where they will not be damaged while you paint.

Make room so you can complete the painting project faster.  

Having a rented storage unit before you begin painting the inside of your house allows you to take out the largest items and safely store them away so you have plenty of space to move around. Interior painting can involve everything from ladders to scaffolding if you have tall ceilings and walls, which means you or the contractor doing the painting will need plenty of floor space available. Without the need to shuffle everything around and constantly maneuver around furnishings, the projects will be completed much faster.

Get a temporary housing spot for things you don't want after the job is complete.

Anytime you paint the interior of your home it changes its overall design, but it can also change how certain decorative and furniture pieces look in the space. It's not uncommon for a homeowner to paint a room and then find the furnishings they used before no longer look appealing in the space. If you run into this issue after painting and you already have a storage unit, you will have somewhere to keep the stuff that no longer fits in until you decide what you want to do with it, whether you eventually decide to sell the pieces or change them up with a little DIY creativity.

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