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When it comes to moving, nothing is more stressful than watching perfect strangers pack up your belongings and load them into a truck. In addition to stressing about dropped items and botched packing, some people also worry about things getting damaged along the way. Fortunately, by learning more about the packing process, you might be able to take care of business and worry less during your next move. There is a science to moving, and if you can learn the tricks of the trade, you can eliminate risk. This website will teach you everything you need to know about moving, so that you aren't left wondering about your stuff.

Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins: 3 Features You’ll Want When Storing Paperwork For The IRS

As a business owner, not only are you responsible for filing your taxes correctly every year, but you are also responsible for keeping the paperwork and supporting tax records for at least 7 years. To prevent being held liable in the event that the IRS comes knocking, your best bet would be to store all of the necessary paperwork away in heavy duty plastic storage bins just in case. Heavy duty plastic storage bins will protect the paperwork from becoming damaged. Read More 

Everything But the Kitchen Sink? What Not to Take With You When You Move

If you're planning to move in the near future, it's likely that you've looked around your home and wondered how you would fit everything into your moving truck, your new home and your new life. The truth is, there are some items that you might want to leave behind, whether you offer them to the new owners of your home or you donate them to a thrift shop. Take a look at this list of items and ask yourself if you really need or want to bring them with you. Read More 

Moving Home: Can You Claim Tax Relief From The IRS?

Moving house is often an expensive process, so it's important to find ways to save money. While some people save cash by moving house without professional help, shrewd professionals know that they can sometimes take advantage of tax breaks to lessen the financial burden. Learn more about the IRS rules about house moving tax relief, and find out what you need to do to take advantage of this exemption. Eligibility to claim tax relief Read More 

Storing Your Stuff While You Travel? Here’s How To Keep Your Self-Storage Space Organized

Using a self storage unit at a place like Epic Group Inc while you travel is a convenient and flexible way to make sure that your belongings stay safe and in good condition until you get back. You don't have to worry about anything being left alone in your empty home, and your family can still have access to things that might be needed while you're away. But if you just shove all your stuff in the unit before rushing off to start your travel adventure, you'll probably have some stress and clutter waiting for you when it's time to settle back down into your home. Read More 

Downsizing From A House To An Apartment: 3 Tips For A Smoother Moving Process

Maybe your kids have finally left home or perhaps you're sick of having to take care of a lawn, but it is not uncommon for Americans to downsize from a house to an apartment, and studies have shown that there is a shortage in apartment space available. If you've made the choice to downsize from a house to an apartment, you may find that the moving process can be quite stressful. Here are 3 tips to implement for a better experience. Read More